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What’s up with the Missourian Web site, updated

So Google Analytics says at least a couple hundred people read this post about what happened to the Missourian Web site on Monday.

The 200 of you who represent a record day for my blog (thanks, all!) are about 28,800 fewer visitors than the Missourian got on Monday, in the 8 hours or so that the site was live. We normally get about 10,000 to 12,000 visits per day, so that was clearly a bit of an epic day for us. On Tuesday, our numbers slowed a bit to about 18,500 visits, and they seem to be slowing a bit more today. Of course, analytics code only counts visitors who can make it through to load a page, and so clearly those numbers are undercounting actual visitors.

That, in a nutshell, is what’s still up with the site. We’re getting more visits than our servers can handle (the greatest strain seems to be on our database server). We’re also getting offers for help from several people on campus, and taking them up on it when we can. Our programmer is working to restructure our database to more quickly load content, and is also working overtime clearing out dead connections, rebooting Apache when needed, and so on. Appreciate the patience as we work through it.

More updates as needed.

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